The 5 most important gambling innovations of all time

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The very first site offering online gambling services opened more than 15 years ago, setting the stage for many other portals offering online gaming services.


For most of gambling history, being able to gamble and playing casino games legally are two completely different things. In most countries and territorial units around the world, gambling was banned (however, nothing has changed now). And even if gambling is legal in your country the nearest casino could be hundreds of kilometers away.

At the same time, the innovative solution in the form of online gambling is bringing the world of gambling to the masses. In 1994, Antigua and Barbuda became the first country to allow operators to obtain a license. Just two years later, in 1996, the world’s first bet was made at InterCasino , and after that, the online casino industry has only moved forward.

In spite of some difficulties, such as the draconian US measures against online gambling in 2006, online gambling has been growing steadily, and the industry is now estimated to be worth $35 billion. There are now more than 1,000 online casinos that are registered in over 85 countries, and never before have so many people had access to real money casino games.

Online casinos and various innovations in online gambling have changed the world of gambling, which has evolved from a stage of entertainment for a select few to a hobby for millions of people around the world. Check out Australian online casino reviews for the most up to date information about each casino.


Despite the fact that online gambling is now universally popular, many people are still hesitant to play for real money online. Some still doubt the safety of the games or worry about the security of transactions, but for many gamblers, it all comes down to one much more prosaic aspect. Always part of the appealing image of gambling has been the casinos themselves, with all their festive lighting, sounds, glamour and human interaction. Playing blackjack, roulette or baccarat on the computer is just different.

Online casinos understand that in order to attract traditional gambling enthusiasts, they should provide a real experience comparable to a real casino gambling room. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Internet connections, like computers themselves, were not fast and nothing could be done, but with the introduction of broadband access and the advent of higher performance processors, the concept of “live dealer gaming” was born .

When playing with a live dealer, you can see a real roulette, blackjack or baccarat table and a real human dealer; all physically located in a studio somewhere. Cameras and sensors track the movements of the dealer, as well as the cards, the ball, and so the player follows what’s going on and can react in real time. There is also an opportunity for communication between the player and the dealer. Therefore, players can experience the full range of positive emotions from the social interaction that attracts in a real casino.

“Live dealer in games” is the most realistic imitation of a real casino and the best that the Internet has to offer as a replica of traditional casinos. And it turns out quite convincing, because even the most conservative users remain satisfied. The ability to immerse yourself in the world of a “real” casino is one of the innovations of online gambling that has managed to change the way people think about games.


One of the latest innovations in the world of gambling has every chance of being the one that will have the biggest impact on the industry in the future. Mobile casino gambling has only been around for a couple of years, but judging by the explosive growth in its popularity and the current worldwide trend away from desktop computers, we can assume that this topic will remain relevant for a long, long time to come.

The history of mobile gambling began with digital cell phones in the late 90s and early 2000s, although back then it was a black and white prototype of games that could only entertain. That all changed with the arrival of the smartphone era, starting with the launch of the iPhone in 2007. It was from that point on that casinos began to seriously consider creating mobile gambling games where you could play for real money.

Developer mFortune ignited passions with 11 simple games, and mobile gambling app fever kicked off from that moment. Right now, dozens of casinos offer hundreds of different slots and table games, all optimized for the small screens of smartphones and tablets. In their innovation in the gambling industry, developers are moving very quickly. They now offer a full suite of banking services for mobile devices, so you don’t even need to run a desktop version.

For 2016, almost half of online casino revenues are predicted to come from mobile gambling, and those numbers are only expected to grow. The opposite is also true, that the sunset of traditional desktop gambling may not be so far off.


Social games have been around since the advent of the Internet, and in their most primitive form are online games with some kind of interaction with other people. Although the mention of social games is often associated with Facebook, Farmville, or Candy Crush Saga, social games is still a much more inclusive term, and is not limited to the games mentioned.

In fact, social games have been popular for decades, with online fictional money poker games, blackjack simulators, bingo, and slot machines consistently among the favorites. The trend remains unchanged today, with nearly 20% of all social games that can be played online belonging to the realm of gambling.

Overwhelmingly, these games do not allow the player to play for real money. Instead, they can play for free or buy scrolls/credits/chips and then try to win additional games. Many games include chat rooms or other means of communication where people can interact with each other as they play.

Almost all countries outlaw participation in social casino games with cash prizes, but that hasn’t cooled the fervor of the casino industry or stopped them from creating more and more types of games. Games like Zynga Poker have already shown that there is huge potential in the mobile gambling market, even without cash prizes.

Many companies agree with the idea that social interaction will have a huge impact on the future of gambling. Some options include expanding social interaction in existing online casinos, or maybe there will be a revision of legislation to regulate social media gaming and the possibility of offering cash prizes. The latter should open the door to the world of gambling for the socially active generation that is always online. Social gambling still has a lot of childhood diseases, but its potential impact on the industry as a whole is enormous.


The next big innovation in the world of gambling could be virtual reality (VR) gambling. Thanks to the revolutionary Oculus Rift VR glasses, as well as other similar devices, interest in VR is growing extremely fast.

The gambling industry hopes to become one of the pioneers in virtual reality gaming, as the biggest developers (NetEnt and Microgaming) are working hard on realistic VR casinos. In fact, SlotsMillion has already opened the first VR casino, and this will probably be the first step to a fundamental change in gambling.

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