Craps rules that any player needs to know to play

Craps rules you need to know to play

Today, the craps game is very popular among many people from around the world, because it allows you to spend your free time very richly and interestingly. If the player decided to play dice, then he must know the rules of the game in craps, without this there is no success.

Usually in a dice game there are two dice, they are also called dice, a table with special marks and sides. This game can be played immediately by several players who alternately place bets on the outcome of the event. The largest number of participants can reach 20 people. Rules for craps must be known to every player.

How to play the player in this game

Craps is completely divided into 2 rounds. The first round is to determine the number on the first roll of the player’s dice. If the shooter has numbers from 4 to 10, except 7, then the game goes into the second round. But if the player gets the numbers 2,3, 12, then the player automatically loses and gives the dice to the next player. For example, the numbers 7 and 11 appeared on the dice, in this case the game continues, and the player himself wins the round.

To learn the craps rules, you need to be well versed in bets. There are a fairly large number of them, consider a few:

  1. The first bet is called Pass Line, it is made at the first stage of the game and is successful when 7 and 11 fall. If the number 12, 2, 3 falls, then the player can continue to roll dice. In this case, there must be a Point. This bet is also called the pass line.
  2. The second bet is usually placed on the player losing. If the shooter has 2, 3, then the bet has worked. At number 12 it becomes a draw. But this bet is not very popular, as players are very negative towards it. This bet is also called an impassable line or Don’t Pass Line.
  3. The third Come bet is very similar to the first, as it is usually placed at the first Point. The bet will be won if 7, 11 falls out. The opposite result will be in case of a loss of 2,3,12. This bet is also called – exit.
  4. The fourth bet is called Do not Come or missed lane. There will be a win only if the number 7, 11 is set on the dice. If the number 12 suddenly appears, then this means a draw.

Craps strategies that allow you to win

There are also bets in the craps game that are placed on just one throw. For these bets, double tables are used, which have their own specific marks. Craps game rules will help any player to play more successfully. For example, it shows the bones that a player must roll. In this case, it is not the shooter who throws, but his dealer. Here are a few bet names:

  • Eyes of a snake – there will be a win only in one case, if the number 2 is on the bones.
  • Ace-snake – there will be a win only in one case, if the number 3 is on the dice.
  • Wagons – there will be a win only in one case, if the number 11 is on the dice.
  • Big red – there will be a win only in one case, if the number 7 is on the dice.

Basic craps rules will need to be studied before starting the game. There are several basic craps strategies that help increase your chances of winning. Based on the foregoing, we will try to summarize all the material in a few tips:

  • Practice bone control.
  • Make bets that are most advantageous in terms of mathematical advantage.
  • Play on empty tables and leave as soon as many other players gather around you.

These are the most reasonable tips you can give all fans of the game in craps. They are much more valuable than all sorts of strategies and betting systems that promise a big win.

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